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Phalangiotarbus Spider Mazon Creek Fossils

Photos and Description by:  fossilman-2008 A Perfect Museum Grade Phalangiotarbus Spider. This is a very high quality spider animal. It is a very nice museum grade specimen with all eight legs preserved nicely. This is by far one of the best specimens we have ever found and probably the best one ever listed on ebay. It has nice color and contrasts and there are no repairs. Both halves of the fossil nodule are present. The fossil nodule measures 2" vertically by 1.75" wide … Read entire article »

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Super Rare Feather in Dominican Amber

        Photos and Description by:  terratreasures A superbly preserved and exceptionally rare BeautifulBird Feather. This is only the 3rd feather we have seen in Dominican amber, a very rare find.  From Weitschat and Wichard "Comparative studies by Bachofen-Echt suggest that the Tertiary amber forest was probably populated by passerines (Sitta - nuthatches, Parus - tits), woodpeckers and representatives of the genus Momotus, which today occur in Central and South America. These insectivorous birds nest in trees..." beautifully preserved and nicely displayed in an authentic Dominican Amber Gemstone excavated in the world famous La Toca Amber Mine.    … Read entire article »

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Russian trilobite Paraceraurus exsul (BEYRICH 1846)

    Photos and Description by:  paleoart-fossils Name: Paraceraurus exsul Finding Location: Vilpovitsy quarry, St. Petersburg region, Russia Age: Middle Ordovician Russian trilobite - Paraceraurus exsul (BEYRICH 1846) The natural Russian trilobite on limestone matrix. Rare species.   Size: Trilobite - 11.5 (in straight projection with spines) x 5.2 (with spines) cm; Specimen - 12 x 9 x 5 cm        … Read entire article »

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Dicranurus monstrosus

Dicranurus monstrosus

GRADE A SPINY DICRANURUS FOSSIL TRILOBITE     Photos and Description by:  MEDITERRANEAN STORE Name: Dicranurus monstrosus Finding Location: ANTI-ATLAS MOUNTAINS Age: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era Beautiful specimen from trilobites group. This is one of the hardest to find with this quality and display together. Very well preserved and prepared to a place on any collector's museum. Dicranurus is a very rare species of the Lichida order of trilobite, family Odontopleuridae. This is one of the more sought after trilobites of this order, and this specimen … Read entire article »

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