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Origin: Guizhou Province,China

Fossil Dating: 220 million years ago(Triassic Age)

Ichthyosaur:50CM (19.69") in length

Genuine & Authentic!

True valuable Ichthyosaurus Fossil Specimen!


Here is a special valuable animal Fossil-Ichthyosaurus Fossil.It was said this species Ichthyosaur is the earliest Animal on the earth than other Dinosaur fossils,it was in the same age with Guizhou Marine animal- Crinoid in the sea,which was regarded as the excellent ancestor on the earth.These species were originated from Guizhou Province,where there are many huge mountains,it was said that hundreds of Million years ago here was the Sea,a lot of kinds of animals lived,including rare marine animal species,for example:Ichthyosaur fossils,Keichousaurus fossil,pretty Crinoid and so on, hundreds million years later,it kept the fossil evidence of the past living animals.Well,here this Authentic Ichthyosaur fossil bring much memory in our mind.

This nice Ichthyosaur kept periosteum covering the Vertebra and Feet ,Tail bones.There were 5% repair and restoration on orebreast after cleaned .Please realized repair and restoration is common on fossils.

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