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Paraceraurus Exsul. Russian Fossil Trilobite

GRADE A TRILOBITE FROM RUSSIA   Finding Location: VILPOVITSY, ST. PETERSBURG       Item details:     Paraceraurus exsul is a member of the Phacopida order of trilobites, family Cheiruridae. It's a very spiny trilobite, with very long spines that starts in the cephalon, extending to the middle of the thorax. The genal spines  of this specimen are totally on "flying" display. The pygidium spines are also ver well detailed, displayed on matrix.   This specimen comes directly from Russia, more properly from the St. Petersburg area (Vilpovitsy). This region's trilobites are known for being very good, as well as the matrix, which presents a magnificent  white colour. … Read entire article »

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