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An exceptional, genuine prehistoric 7-egg Oviraptor Dinosaur nest dating to approximately 75 million years ago. This is an exceptional piece. A large assemblage containing 7 torpedo shaped eggs within the original nest matrix. Each egg measures about 7 inches long by 2  3/8 inches wide. The eggs are largely intact and without excessive restoration.  The nodular shell of the eggs, so often lost, is visible here on most of the eggs with exceptional preservation and without the over preparation common on today's fossil market. The oviraptor was a dinosaur which was closely related to the modern bird: it had a strong toothless beak and possessed feathers on the body, wings, and tail. The dinosaur had a distinctive crest on its head.  Oviraptor was almost certainly a meat eating dinosaur - one specimen was found with a lizard in its stomach. … Read entire article »

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Dinosaur Skull Edmontosaurus annectens

Cretaceous, Maastrichtian stage Hell Creek Formation, Wibaux Co, Montana The Edmontosaurus was one of the 'duck-billed' hadrosauridae that flourished just prior to the final extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. They ranged widely across North America, but the distribution of their fossils suggests that they preferred a coastal plain habitat. The Hadrosaurs were distinguished by their elongated, spoon-like snout; although the skull of the Edmontosaurus was not as flattened towards the front as some others, the duck-like beak shape remains distinctive in this 70-80% complete specimen. The species' numerous teeth constantly renewed themselves, growing in a column arrangement, but only occurred in the maxillae (upper cheeks) and dentaries (main lower jaw). Three of the four dentaries here are completely original; the fourth has been restored. The Hell Creek formation is … Read entire article »

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T Rex Tooth

You are Bidding on a rare T rex Tooth. Tooth was purchased from Smithsonian Institue over 25 years ago. Tooth is guaranteed 100% authinicate. This tooth is very rare it measures 10 3/4" straight across and 11 5/8" when measured along curvature. Tooth has Smithsonian seal near root of tooth. This T Rex tooth is of museum quality and would be a vauable piece for any collector. … Read entire article »

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