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Harpactocarcinus punctulatus (mud crab)

  Harpactocarcinus punctulatus (mud crab) Geological Time: Eocene Fossil Site: Monte Baldo Quarry, Verona, Italy Xanthidae Family   This is an excellent example of mud crab!   It is approximately 45 – 55 million years old and was collected in a quarry near Verona, in northern Italy. Since then, the quarry has closed.  The claws have been well preserved and it has a nicely textured carapace. This type of mud crab would have often been in the soft muddy substrates, where it would have fed for detritus and small worms.  This fossil crab is mounted on the matrix.   Photos and Description by:  Enter the Earth Inc      Overall dims approx.  6" x 5" x 2.5"  Crab carapace dims approx.  2.5" x 1.5" x 1"  Claws approx. 2" x .5" x .625"  Total weight 2 lb. .6 oz. … Read entire article »

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